sticking stickers


Stickers are a joyful thing to behold.  They can be used in so many different ways and help to brighten up even the dullest of papers. We use ours in a number of ways - 

Customise your planner - we use ours regularly to highlight those special events and plans in our monthly planners.  Our plain stickers have been specially designed to be written on so you can truly customise. 
Wrapping - we've found using our stickers to hold gift wrapping together really speeds up the present wrapping process.  We've also found it can add a real personal / design element to the whole look which our recipients have been really pleased with. 
Highlighter - as our day to day lives have gotten busier and the to-do lists longer, we've started to use our stickers to highlight items in the work we are doing.  Sometimes we use ours on to-do lists when things are urgent, as well as on print outs to add important notes. 
Page marker - we read a lot of magazines and books, but sometimes it is difficult to remember all the good ideas and adventures we've been inspired by.  A quick fold over and the sticker becomes a great page marker. 


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