first collection


Our first collection is from our own studio.  

With a passion for paper and a frustration with fuss, we embarked on a journey to create paper based items that have simplicity at their heart, combined with a clear function and purpose within the modern minimal lifestyle.  

We have carefully selected papers based on their tactility, ability to cope with ink and appearance.  We wanted these items to fit seamlessly into life as we know it, but also to enhance and perfect our experience of using them. 


monthly planner

Our first dateless planner has been designed to be versatile.  

When life is hectic sometimes it is nice to be able to put pen to paper and plan out what's going on.  It's also great to be able to see everything at once and not have to scroll through an app or choose lots of options to see what you need to see. 

This is where our planner can help. It can be started on any date and used for any number of purposes. It has been printed on the finest sustainable paper, sourced from the UK and Europe.  The cover is a flexible 270gsm weight, making it easy to open and keep open.  The insides are printed on a high quality 120gsm paper, chosen for its crisp white appearance and ability to cope well with a wide range of inks. 

The planner has 12 month spreads and 8 planning pages included so you can keep a note of your plans and how things progress.

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Our greetings cards are designed to be simple and to the point.  

There are literally thousands of cards on offer today, but we always came back to the same problem.  All of them were frilly, fussy or themed and all we really wanted was to say what we needed to say in a straightforward way.  We created our cards to do exactly this.  We designed them so they were blank inside, ready for you to to write everything you need to write.  They also come with a self-sealing light grey envelope, which has been made in the UK. But most importantly, they are simple, minimal and  get straight to the point. 

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Our stickers have been designed purely to play the role of the important assistant.

They are also useful in a number of other ways, but have been primarily designed to go with our monthly planner.  They have been printed on uncoated paper so that you can write on them but also make a great addition to wrapping paper. The idea came to us while we were testing our planners.  Sometimes we only wanted to glance at the planner to see what was coming up, so to help us do this quickly we designed the stickers.

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notepad | grey

Our notepad in grey has been designed to be a sophisticated addition to any desk.

It was inspired by our use of boring deskpads and crazy sticky notes over the years.  We craved a more elegant and simple solution, especially because these notes usually sit out all day.  We also wanted something versatile that could be used as a quick sketchbook on the go.  

It has been made using high quality 120gsm grey paper that is backed onto recycled board to keep everything together. It is lightly glued along the landscape edge to keep everything simple and uncomplicated.  

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mini prints

Our first mini prints series is inspired by our journey so far.  These little cards help to give you a push when the going is tough.

We have ours stuck onto our studio wall but we are also on the hunt for the perfect frame to put them up at home. They are made using crisp white 300gsm card and are a handy pocket size so they can be easily shared or fit onto any cork board, noticeboard, desk or frame.

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We are currently working on new and exciting ranges for the future.  Follow our journey on Instagram and sign up to see what's happening before anyone else. 

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