Perfect packaging?

Packaging is a big deal in our studio.  Sometimes there is nothing better than a well wrapped item - the texture, the smell and the added possibility of reusing a sumptuous material again.  It might even just be the appearance that exudes excitement.

When we started this journey we wanted to make sure our products were packaged as beautifully as possible.  Something to be enjoyed, to be savoured and shared. 

As a small independent we are also passionate about being responsible, so sourcing recyclable packaging was very important to us.  At the moment all of our packaging comes from paper or biodegradable cornstarch.

The world of packaging is changing though and we are thinking about reducing what we use - how would you feel about buying products in less packaging? Does it affect your decision to buy things? Do you have any ideas how we could keep things clean & safe in less packaging?

Join the conversion below.

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