edite | an introduction


Edite is a studio and online store with a straightforward aim - to offer simple, uncomplicated products that help to make life a little easier.  

Frustrated with a market full of frilly, fussy, complicated items, we wanted to break free and produce things that were easy for anyone to get on with. We aim to make and sell products that help us define, refine and edit our lives in a simple way. 

All of our pieces are design led, with a minimal aesthetic.  They are flexible to suit your own needs and can often be used with each other to curate something beautiful.  We believe in the tangible and enjoying the little things - living a slow life and savouring the moments that make us, us. 

We are a UK based small business with big ideas.  We have strong roots in Northern Ireland, Scotland and England, which we hope will stand us in good stead for what we become.   We are building our business up from a blank sheet, whilst holding down day jobs, so although it might not be as fast as we would like, we know that our journey will be a good one.  Here's to making life a little simpler, easier and happier. 

edite studio