planning your month


Our monthly planner has been designed to help people organise their lives in a simple, uncomplicated way.  During our travels we found other planners 'judged' us, with lots of boxes to fill and areas to complete.  

Our design can be used in different ways and is easily customisable to suit yourself. Here are our top four uses - 

Work planning - the original thinking behind this planner was to make working life a little bit easier.  The minimal design clearly shows what is coming up and helps to break things down in easy to digest chunks. We use ours with stickers to really make the big things pop. 
Spending log - we all have to watch the pennies at some point and using the planner to count the cash is an ingenious use started by one of our friends.  That weekend break to Copenhagen is now looking a lot closer. 
Event planning - when testing the design we used ours to plan a wedding.  It was easy to see when to meet the florist or when the dress was due in.  This version hung in our house for many months and now has pride of place with lots of other wedding mementos. 
Exercise log - staying healthy and enjoying the great outdoors comes high on our priority list, so when one of us signed up to a 10km race we knew how to track the training. Hanging the planner on our bedroom wall was a great daily reminder and motivator.
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