simple ceramics


Our new ceramics range is from the award winning, Leicestershire based ceramicist Sue Pryke.  We have long admired the simple design and versatility of her vitrified earthenware range and thought it the perfect accompaniment for our own products

Sue started her career at Wedgewood and still uses the skills she learnt there, preferring to work directly with materials, making the initial prototypes, so that she can naturally adapt the forms as the shapes are being made.    

She explains, "I’m inspired by the everyday and the ordinary; material qualities, textures and the interaction we have with objects.  Small details and preferences which reflect the intuitive decision making we all make on a daily basis when choosing what cup to take from the cupboard for a cup of tea."

"I wanted to create my own collection of objects that sit comfortably in the home, that aren't awkward, audacious or tricky to use or care for, but are familiar, have fluency and sit effortlessly."

It is chiefly this simplicity, in both form and function, that drew us to her work. 

The collection we have curated includes the perfect tea set, brilliant desk storage options and a vase to add a beautiful finishing touch. They would make the ideal accompaniment to any home, or the perfect gift. 

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